Videos of Ashley George solo with her Fleshlight

Last time we posted some videos of Ashley George with her Fleshlight it went over pretty well, so we decided to post some more.  She just added these hot new videos to her site, so they’re pretty new.  I like these new ones because she starts off with a sexy strip show as well, which is great because its a nice primer to the actual videos.  Also, have I mentioned how great her tits are?  Seriously, she has one of the best boob jobs of any girls out there, especially shemales.  Her tits are nearly flasless, and her nipples look great too.  And her ass, thats better than a lot of girls out there as well.  Hard to believe that her ass can be that perfect, but she is hot.  Have a look at the videos below, and then be sure to check out her site where there are tons of great pictures of her nice tits and great ass, as well as 100% exclusive videos of her stroking her hard cock, jerking off with a fleshlight, sucking cock and getting fucked in her tight ass.  Its worth every penny, so head over there after the videos!


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