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Last time we brought you some hot shemale Ashley George interracial shemale action videos, so this week we decided to get back to basics and have some solo shemale vids.  Don’t worry, we’ll post more interracial shemale action soon enough, but I came across these new Ashley George vids (one particular, the ass one) and had to post them.  Check out the second clip where she is showing off that sexy shemale ass of hers, I love it!  The shemale Ashley George vids we post are usually pretty hot, but after checking these new ones out I have come to the conclusion that she doesn’t show off her hot shemale ass nearly enough.  I am going to petition for more videos like these!

Anyway, as you can see, she starts off pretending to be shy on the bed with her clothes on.  By looking at the first video you would think that she is too shy to get naked and jerk her cock for us, but wrong!  She gets naked in no time, being sure to show off some great angles of her lovely round shemale ass (which, like I said before, is fucking GREAT!).  And then you know what comes next, her pulling her big shemale cock out and going to work!  She gives us some good angles, as she usually does.  Buttttt, in these sample videos you don’t get to see the hot cumshot, which she blows all over.  So, if you want to see some hot Ashley George cumshot vids, you should check out her official site, where you can get access to these videos in their full, unedited glory, as well as the high resolution pictures of this hot shemale.  Oh, and her twitter, diary, behind the scenes stuff and so much more.  Head over there and check it out, you’ll be glad you did.  Enjoy!

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Once again, here are some brand new, never before seen Ashley George vids of this sexy shemale in some hot interracial action.  And since you all seem to like her both sucking cock and getting her shemale cock sucked, we have videos of both.  So lets review, we have one of the hottest shemale videos around of Ashley George, interracial shemale action, cock sucking and getting her cock sucked.  I don’t think this update is missing anything at all!  Well, I guess some hot interracial shemale fucking, but we can’t give it all away!  If you want interracial shemale fucking, there is plenty of pictures and videos of that inside the members area of her official site, so if you like these samples you should for sure give it a look.

Anyway, as you can see these are some hot videos.  These are the first Ashley George videos like this we have ever posted, so I am sure you’re in for a treat.  Of course, Ashley George solo vids are great, but its always nice to have some other guys (or girls) in the mix with her.  Be sure to vote in our poll as well, and let us know what other kind of shemale videos you’d like to see, such as more solo stuff, more cock sucking, shemales sucking cock, fucking, and so on.  Don’t be shy, give it a vote and let us know!  And also be sure to check out her site (I know I say it every time, but thats the only way I can make money here!), so be sure to at least give it a look.  The membership isn’t that much and her site is packed with tons of hot shemale pictures and videos, so if you have a chance give it a look.  And if you just want shemale Ashley George videos, you can find plenty more of those on this site.  Enjoy!

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Here are some sexy new Ashley George videos of her with her red dildo buttplug.  I am not sure if its a dildo or a buttplug, since it goes in her ass and stays there for the entire video.  :-)  But I guess its not a bad thing, since she really seems to be enjoying it, and when shes enjoying it shes putting on a show, and we all know that we love these Ashley George videos when she puts on a show!  She really has to be one of the hottest, sexiest shemales around.  And if you don’t think so, these sexy tgirl Ashley George videos will probably get you to change your mind!

She starts off on a bed with her great tits (they really are AMAZING looking tits) showing, which is good, because its hot when a girl starts out topless.  I am not sure how to really explain it, but something about her being topless but taking a little longer getting FULLY naked is hot, and this sexy shemale knows exactly how to tease.  Anyway, where were we?  Ah right, these hot shemale videos.  Anyway, its not long until she is fully naked, working her tight shemale ass with a red dildo (or buttplug) and jerking her big cock.  She has a nice big cock and isn’t afraid to show it off!  Of course, when you become a member of her official site, you get access to tons more pictures and videos of her hot shemale cock, as well as to her diary, twitter and even behind the scenes pictures and videos.  Seriously, be sure to head over to her official site where you can get more sample of more hot Ashley George videos that you will love!  Now enough of this rambling, lets check out these hot shemale videos!

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